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True North Harvest Tables

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Rustic Primitive

When I think of our rustic primitive line there are many things that come to mind. I think of warriors and their homes. How they would have these wonderful rustic pieces all through the home they built with their hands.

Farmhouse Heritage

Our Farmhouse Heritage line is inspired my traditional farmhouse styles throughout north america. lots of symmetrical lines and crosses. These pieces are simple and functional yet bring a wonderful element of decor to your home.

French 17c. Inspired

When I think of our French 17th Century line i really do just think of that. The inspiration for this line comes from everything French that was designed in the early 17th century to the early 18th century.

Harvest Tables

True North Harvest Tables are truly one of a kind. Not only do we work with each client to design their dream table, but each table is handmade using 100% Canadian lumber and even if requested can be made with refurbished and recycled materials. We work with our clients to find the perfect colour to match their home and decor and custom mixes her paints for painted pieces.

Harvest Tables

About True North Harvest Tables

What can I say...... other than like many I spent years chasing the wrong careers and false dreams. I worked right in the core of Toronto Downtown in the financial industry after attending a local college for finance. I was 21 and after growing up in a small town took to the thrill and excitement of the big city. I also bartended nights at local nightclubs to keep my spare energy in check. After experiencing some trauma and realization that the city was not for me I began experiencing points of high debilitating anxiety... like many. I began practicing yoga and meditation made a career change and began refinishing pieces I had around the house. Building, crafting and painting has always been extremely therapeutic...

About True North

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